Wednesday, April 26, 2017
LUNCH is a fantasy horror comedy in a similar vein to such classic 80s memorable hits as Ghostbusters, House, The 'Burbs, The Twilight Zone: The Movie, and more. The film is in preproduction now and is expected to commence principal photography this Fall, in October 2017. Thank You!

For those of you who can offer PR, I have a press release which can be sent via email or printed out upon request and sent to you in less than twenty four hours.

Tom Luca
DreamFactory Entertainment

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Fraternity of Filmmakers and Monster Makers!

A Fraternity of Filmmakers and Monster Makers!

I'm looking for other independent filmmakers in the area. Specifically a Co-Writer or two, Art Department; Production Artists/Painters/Sculptors/Molders/Casters/Set Builders/Prop Makers/Costumers and a Film Crew and Film Editor in New Jersey and the Pennsylvania area on the east coast. Anyone?
Preferably local from Milford, Holland, Frenchtown, Kingwood, Flemington, or Lambertville and that has a love for movies and monsters. Get in touch and let's get this started!

True story:
While attending UCLA film school, Animatronic and Special Effects Makeup Character Creator Alec Gillis worked at Roger Corman’s New World studios where he met many young filmmakers who would later become industry leaders. After leaving school he worked for special effects makeup artists Tom Savini, Greg Cannom, and Stan Winston. After a few years supervising character effects at Stan Winston Studio, Alec formed his own company, Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. in 1988.
I have an idea to bring people together as a filmmaking collective to meet and collaborate on many projects together. The name of this idea is The Creeping Camera.

I started a filmmakers and monster makers club blog called The Creeping Camera which anyone interested is welcome to join and interact online. I would like to assemble a collective of filmmakers and monster makers right here in Milford, New Jersey somewhere to collaborate on projects together, however their isn't an actual place yet that we can meet at so if anyone has an idea where we can meet, discuss ideas even late at night without worrying about having to leave that would be great. We'll do stuff like create Special effects, makeup effects, Halloween masks, film props, film sets, concept clay sculpture maquettes, models and miniatures for film/TV/commercials, monster/creature suits, stop-motion animation, puppets, puppeteering, bluescreen motion control photography, cinematography, screenwriting, directing, acting and more. As a matter of fact, I have a project I'm writing at the moment and need some help on. I'd like someone or a few to help write the script. Anybody interested? I'll let you know more about the film if you contact me or when we meet.

How do we do this? There are a number of ways, is good but who wants to spend extra money right? We can just meet by reaching out locally for free. Film colleges and university campuses such as NYFA are another great way of collaborating and also filmmaking forums online or even Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress, and Blogspot are nice to get social and reach out. But I have something better in mind. I'd like to form a club or place much like a fraternity of Filmmakers and Monster Makers! We can meet to talk about the stuff we love, which is Filmmaking and making makeup effects, sets, costumes, puppets, props, and more!

Now here's the thing… If I was posting for a cast/crew, which at the moment I am not, I would tell people exactly what they were in for. For instance, payment, which at first there will be little or none at all at first. I am posting to find people that are local and interested in forming a collective then possibly a production company and special effects studio. As I said before, if you have a little time or all the time in the world at the moment and would love to write, design and create things then get in touch. And having your own RED digital cinema camera or even the ARRI ALEXA or Sony F65 for production would help. Plus can anybody work with Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro to cut, and knows a little about special effects and visual effects or is at least passionate about. And we might need someone with a 4k drone? The rig should carry a RED or ARRI ALEXA Mini digital cinema camera. We'll need it for shots that require simulated helicopter fly overs. If you can't then don't worry about it, just bring yourselves for now then we'll figure something out later.

And for those of you that are interested in making films, I am developing a Gothic Fiction feature film now and would love some help breathing life into it! So far I have over twenty pages but need to bring it up to at least ninety two, anyone up for it?

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Update: Blog name change

Welcome to The Creeping Camera,

New Update: I decided to dissolve the other blog and switch it with my new club I founded recently which I'll get to in a minute.

Hi I'm Tom Luca and I founded The Creeping Camera so we can all meet and collaborate on projects together locally in New Jersey. From Writers, Directors, Producers, Actors/Actresses, LP's, AD's, DP's, and PA's to Special Makeup Effects Artists, Puppet Makers, Puppeteers, Monster Suit Performers, Animatronic Mechanical FX Designers, Sculptors, Life Casters, Mold Makers, Painters, Wardrobe Costumers, Illustrators, Scenic Artists, Plasterers, Prop Makers, Set Construction Crews, Model Makers, Stop-motion Animators, essentially any personnel in the Above-the-Line and Below-the-Line departments even creatives outside of motion pictures such as Halloween Mask makers.

Of course anyone is most certainly welcome, however if you are not currently living in New Jersey but you'd like to join in on any events you can still participate but all or most of the meetings, events and projects will take place in New Jersey unless someone from other states has an idea or concept that they think the members would be interested in and if Jersey members wouldn't mind traveling to your location?

So if you happen to stumble upon this blog because you are a visionary and have passion to create and make films and are interested in the idea, I encourage you to Subscribe, Follow, Like and just simply get in touch to see what we can do together as a collaborative effort.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm Back... Oh wait?! That's Schwarzenegger's line isn't it?

Good evening… I know what you are probably thinking… your'e saying, well where the hell was this guy all that time? And I don't blame you, I'd be thinking the same thing. Uh… A lot has happened since the last time I made an entry or some say post but I say entry as in an entry in a journal... Anyway the truth is I was just too busy to make an entry. But that is about to change, as I've been making plans for something big but... I'll get into that in another entry when that time comes. For now I just wanted to dust some of the cobwebs off this blog and prepare since what? It's been almost a year since I last made an entry but remember I've been busy so I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me. In the meantime please find the time to check out my other blogs and my work in them. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Introduction to FILMCOMMUNITY Group of New Jersey



ES: Hi everyone and Welcome!

MS: This is the FILMCOMMUNITY Group of New Jersey with your Host and Admin, Thomas Luca.

CU: So glad you could make it here, whether you are a seasoned veteran or want to break into the Industry.
A blog thats sole purpose is to offer a place where Filmmakers and Writers can network, socialize, inform and entertain ideas, treatments, and concepts. Now although the title does say New Jersey it also pertains to New York and Pennsylvania so if you are from these three states this blog can be your home and HQ but of course if anyone has friends or colleagues outside of those boundaries they are welcome to sit in on any discussions and even join the Group if they like, just ask first please.

I have prepared something special for you all, whether you are in Publishing or Motion Pictures, this is a group for people in the Entertainment Industry regardless of whether they are Authors, Writers, Screenwriters, Producers, Directors, Editors, Production Designers, Concept Designers, Visual Effects Artists, Special Makeup Effects Artists, whether they work in the departments of Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and Distribution, in fact anyone that shares a role or responsibilities within the pipeline of Filmmaking.

The reason I include Authors and Writers is that often times if not all the time films are started on the basis of a story or Narrative, so it's not uncommon for an Author, Writer, or even these days Comic Book Creators to be approached or approach someone with a story, idea, or treatment to be produced. Some examples are Film Adaptations like that of comic books that have been made into a movie are; Creepshow, MARVEL franchise, 30 Days of Night, Alien vs. Predator, The Crow, From Hell, Heavy Metal, Hellboy, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, these are just to name a few, there are many out there that have been adapted into films.

I would also like to announce a plug here, in the following year I have been working on founding a Production Design Studio / Post-Production Company (both under one roof) and a Film Distribution Company right here in Hunterdon County, New Jersey that will offer an outlet or services for Filmmakers, be them big budget or low budget.
The two will be subsidiaries owned and operated by a company that I founded called Luca Entertainment Enterprises, LLC. More about that later and if anyone in Hunterdon County, NJ would like to speak to me about having a part in as CoFounder you can contact me here on my website. Please only serious inquiries only, there is lots to be done yet and the project is still in the planning stages so if you want to be a part of a company that will grow and grow with it let me know. I also distributed flyers, posters, and business card tear-offs all around Hunterdon County so if you would like to find them and help distribute that would be appreciated.
Again this is especially for people in New Jersey but anyone is welcome so long as you ask.

See you all in the following posts. And remember you are welcome to comment and discuss anything here so long as it falls in the realm of Filmmaking and the Entertainment Industry so please feel right at home and join in. Oh and if your comments are directed towards me and I do not answer right away please be patient because I am involved in many different things and might not respond right away but rest assured I will get back to you.

Well... That about wraps things up with this post up, aaaaaaand cut! *That's a wrap!*